Hey there!  I'm Gina King!

A teacher, writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and most importantly I’m a girl that is fiercely dedicated to helping you, your daughter, sister, cousin, or friend find and know without a doubt, their self-worth and value in this world.


It all started when...

I was asked to create a program for my 4th and 5th grade girl students called Girl Talk.  With these monthly lessons on friendships, body image, gossip, drama, and rumors. As Girl Talk started to evolve, so did my outlook on how every single girl deserves access to this type of education and so began My Worth Girl. I wanted to dig deeper and start teaching girls across the world how worthy they are, that they are enough, and their value in this world in infinite.

I am certified in:

K-8 Teaching Credential

Child Psychology

UN Women Gender Equality Certification

Confidence Coach Certification

Master Life Coach Certification