• 7 out of 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up…that’s 70%
    of girls!
  • 70% of girls do not think they are good enough at school, smart enough, pretty
  • enough or are enough among their friends or family
  • 98% of girls feel pressure from external sources…ie social media to look a certain
  • 92% of teen girls would like to change something about the way they look
  • 90% of eating disorders are found in girls
  • 25% of girls…that is 1 in 4 will deal with clinical depression, eating disorders, cutting,
    or mental/emotional disorders
  • By the age of 13, 53% of American girls are “unhappy” with their bodies and 78% by
    the age of 17
  • 89 more countries than the United States have more women in national legislatures
    than the U.S.
  • In high school 44% of girls are trying to lose weight
  • 70% of girls ages 15-17 avoid normal daily activities when they feel bad about their looks
  • 75% of girls have low self-esteem
  • 20% of teens experience depression before adulthood