Gina King has not only be an invaluable tool for our tween in guiding her and her friends about best practices from everything like social media, to group gatherings and so much more but she has built a relationship with our daughter that you can’t put a price on- she is that person at school my daughter knows she can go to to talk, to share feelings and have a built in support system whenever she needs it and as a mom it makes me happy to know they have that bond. I often laugh and say to myself “what would Ms. King say” or WWMKS in certain situations or with certain questions my kids ask me because even I look up to the advise she gives these kids! She will always be such a huge role model in shaping our children for their future.
— SG

Thank you for investing so much time in our girls! I know my daughter appreciated the safe place you provided to express her feelings, fear, and frustrations. She gained strength in these sessions, which will help her establish her voice as a certain confident young woman. These learning opportunities are often missed and am grateful for your time, wisdom, care, and concern.”
— LP

Gina King is a rare and amazing teacher. In the span of a short year, (my daughter) has learned so much about self-esteem, kindness, and respect for others. We feel so blessed that she taught so far beyond the book, to address what really matters. She made a real impact and my daughter is fortunate to have such a great role model to emulate.
— MO

My daughter was fortunate to participate in the classes held by Gina King. We would like to express our deepest appreciation for her and these classes. We found the subject matter of the classes to be highly relevant to maturing adolescent girls, teaching not only about working with others in a social environment, but also how to look inward and deal with the inner self and the conversations that occur within. Gina King’s classes reinforced our family’s values and are helping our daughter to develop the skills necessary to become a strong, confident and self-aware person with compassion for herself and those around her. Our daughter is noticeably evolving into a more compassionate, content young lady who is learning how to value herself as well as others. We are certain the content covered will assist other young girls on their journey of life.
— SR

Gina King has been a wonderful help and support to my daughter over the past couple years. As she entered the “tween years,” Gina was both an incredible sounding board and trusted advisor. Someone she looks up to and can always count on for an honest answer. She has shown my daughter the value of walking away and thinking about a situation first before acting out in the moment.
— JV